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Profile of the Day: Giuseppe Verdi

Do you have an ear for music? Perhaps it’s in your genes! In 1813, Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi was born in Le Roncole, Italy. A dominant figure of the Italian opera scene, Verdi is remembered as one of the most renowned opera composers in history.

Image: Giuseppe Verdi / Bergen Public Library Norway, Flickr

He was born Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi to Carlo Giuseppe Verdi, an innkeeper, and Luigia Uttini, a spinner, in a small Italian village. He is believed to have been born either on October 9 or 10 based on his baptismal record, which was dated October 11. The record listed Verdi as being “born yesterday,” but since the days were often considered to begin at sunset, it could have meant either the 9th or 10th of October.

From a young age, it was clear Verdi had a gift for music. Verdi found much success and fame for his operas during his lifetime. Some of his most popular operas included AidaLa Traviata, and Falstaff, which is still regarded as one of the greatest operas of all time.

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