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Profile of the Day: Ludwig van Beethoven

German composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born 251 years ago.

Image: Ludwig van Beethoven / Library of Congress

Beethoven was born in Bonn in the Electorate of Cologne, which was then a part of the Holy Roman Empire. Although there is no known record of the exact date of his birth, it is known that his baptism took place on December 17, 1770. Since baptisms typically took place a day after birth during this time, and it is known that Beethoven and his family celebrated December 16 as his birthday, many historians accept it as his date of birth.

As the grandson of Lodewijk van Beethoven, a professional singer and music director, Beethoven showed an incredible gift for music at an early age. Despite becoming nearly completely deaf, Beethoven managed to compose some of the greatest symphonies in history. Some of his best works came in the last ten years of his life after he had lost his hearing. Today he is often remembered as one of the most influential and greatest composers of all time.

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