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Profile of the Day: Lord Byron

Profile of the Day: Lord Byron

Lord Byron

On this day in 1788, English poet Lord Byron was born in London, England. A leading figure of the Romantic movement, Lord Byron is often regarded as one of the greatest poets in British history.

George Gordon Byron was born on January 22, 1788 to Captain John “Mad Jack” Byron and his second wife, Catherine Gordon. At the age of 10, he inherited the English Barony of Byron of Rochdale after the death of his great uncle and became the sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale.

In 1812, Byron became an overnight sensation after publishing the first two cantos of Child Harold’s Pilgrimage. He soon became known not only for his popular writings, but also for his amorous escapades. His epic poem, Don Juan, is perhaps Byron’s most well-known piece and is still read around the world today.

Before his death at the age of 36, Byron had joined the Greek War of Independence to fight the Ottoman Empire. Byron died from an illness on April 19, 1824 in Messolonghi, Greece. At the time of his death, Byron had only one legitimate child, daughter Ada Lovelace, who would become known as the world’s first computer programer.

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