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Profile of the Day: Napoleon III

On this day in 1852, Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte took the French throne as Napoleon III.

Profile of the Day: Napoleon III

Image: Napoleon III / Wikimedia Commons

The nephew and only heir to Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte was born in Paris, France on April 20, 1808. After Napoleon was removed from power in 1815, the entire Bonaparte family was forced into exile. Determined to reclaim the French crown, Louis-Napoléon attempted a failed coup. Undeterred, he continued to assert his views in political writings before seizing his next opportunity for the crown.

At the end of the Revolution of 1848, he was elected as the first President of France in a landslide victory. He would serve as the only President of the French Second Republic. After he was blocked by the Constitution and Parliament from running for a second term, Louis-Napoléon organized a coup d’etat and claimed himself Emperor of France. On December 2, 1852, he took the throne as Napoleon III. The day also marked the 48th anniversary of Napoleon Bonaparte’s coronation.

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