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Profile of the Day: Pedro II of Brazil

On this day in 1825, Pedro II of Brazil was born. The second and last monarch of the Empire of Brazil, Pedro II was nicknamed “the Magnanimous” and reigned for over 58 years.

Image: Pedro II of Brazil / Library of Congress

Pedro II was born on December 2, 1825 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was the seventh child of Pedro I of Brazil and Maria Leopoldina of Austria. His mother’s sister, Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma, was the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1831, Pedro I returned to Portugal to restore his daughter Maria II to the Portuguese throne, which had been usurped by his brother, Miguel I. Before he left, he abdicated the Brazilian throne in favor of his young son. In order to restore stability after a turbulent regency, Pedro II was formally declared of age at 14 and crowned emperor in 1841.

During his reign, Pedro II brought stability and economic prosperity to the Brazilian Empire. Opposed to slavery, Pedro II worked hard to abolish it. Slavery was officially abolished in 1888 with the signing of the Lei Áurea (Golden Law). Although he was highly regarded by the public, a sudden military coup forced Pedro II to abdicate the throne in 1889. Pedro II spent his last remaining years living in exile and died on December 5, 1891 at the age of 66.

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