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Profile of the Day: Robert Louis Stevenson

Do you remember reading Treasure Island or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? On this day in 1850, author Robert Louis Stevenson was born.

Profile of the Day: Robert Louis Stevenson

Image: Robert Louis Stevenson / Library of Congress

Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland to Thomas Stevenson, a leading lighthouse engineer, and Margaret Balfour. As a child, Stevenson was prone to illnesses, often coughs and fevers, which persisted into adulthood. He was expected to follow in his family’s profession in lighthouse engineering, however, he chose to pursue a literary career instead.

He spent much of his life traveling abroad and his global excursions often made their way into his writings. By the time he was 28, he had published his first volume of his work. In 1883, he published Treasure Island and became a literary celebrity. Soon the novel would become one of the most popular and widely read books of the era.

Stevenson died on December 3, 1894 at the age of 44.

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