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Profile of the Day: Victor Hugo

Profile of the Day: Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo

On this day in 1802, French poet and novelist Victor Hugo was born. A leading figure of the Romantic movement in literature, today Hugo is considered to be one of the greatest French writers in history.

Hugo was born in Besançon, France on February 26, 1802 to Sophie Trébuchet and Joseph Léopold Sigisbert Hugo, a French general during the Napoleonic Wars.

A well regarded figure during his lifetime, Hugo is perhaps best remembered for his novels The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and Les Misérables. It took Hugo 17 years to finally complete Les Misérables. Since its initial publication in 1862, the novle has been adapted several times for the stage and screen. Most recently, it was adapted into the 2012 Academy Award winning musical starring Hugh Jackman.

Hugo died on May 22, 1885 at the age of 83.

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