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Profile of the Day: William IV

Profile of the Day: William IV

William IV

Have you found your connection to royalty? On this day in 1765, William IV was born. The third son of King George III and Queen Charlotte, William was never expected to be king. However, in 1830, he ascended to the throne after the death of his brother, George IV.

William was born on August 21, 1765 at Buckingham Palace. With two older brothers, George and Frederick, William was not expected to succeed to the throne. At the age of 13, he began his career with the Royal Navy and served in New York during the American Revolution. During the war, George Washington approved a plot to kidnap the royal, however, it was never attempted.

For 20 years, he lived with his mistress, Dorothea Jordon, an Irish actress, and together they had 10 illegitimate children.

When both of his older brothers died without an heir, William inherited the crown. At the age of 64, William was the oldest person at the time to assume the British throne. William reigned until his death in 1837 and left no legitimate heirs. His niece, Victoria, would ascend to the throne and begin one of the longest reigns in British history.

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