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Profile of the Day: George IV of the United Kingdom

On this day in 1762, George IV of the United Kingdom was born. In 1820, he ascended throne after the death of his father, George III.

Image: George IV of the United Kingdom / Rijksmuseum, Wikimedia Commons

George was born at St. James’s Palace in London, England on August 12, 1762. He was the first child of King George III and his wife, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. They would have 15 children together, only 13 would survive into adulthood.

Known for his extravagant and indulgent lifestyle, George secretly married Maria Fitzherbert, a twice-married commoner and Roman Catholic, in 1785. However, the marriage was quickly ruled invalid since the King had not given his consent. George was later forced to marry his cousin, Caroline of Bruinswick. The marriage was disastrous and the two separated after the birth of their only child, Princess Charlotte.

In 1811, George was named Prince Regent as the result of his father’s declining mental health. When his father passed in 1820, George ascended to the throne as King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Years of over indulgence and heavy drinking took a toll on George’s health and he spent the last years of his life in seclusion. He died on June 26, 1830 at the age of 67 and was succeeded by his brother, William IV.

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