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Profile of the Day: William I of the Netherlands

Do you have family ties to Dutch royalty? On this day in 1772, William I of the Netherlands, the first King of the Netherlands, was born.

Image: William I of the Netherlands / Wikimedia Commons

He was the son of William V, Prince of Orange of the Dutch Republic, and Wilhelmina of Prussia. In 1791, he married his first cousin, Wilhelmina, who was the daughter of King Frederik William II of Prussia.

After the French invasion of the Dutch Republic, William emigrated with his family to England. At the end of French rule, William returned to the Netherlands and proclaimed himself the King of the Netherlands and Duke of Luzembough in 1815.

However, not all in the newly united kingdom were accepting of William I’s rule. The Belgians rebelled against the new King and their uprising would lead to an independent Belgium. Now with the loss of Belgium, new constitutional changes, and his popularity waning, William abdicated the throne in 1840. His eldest son ascended to the throne as William II.

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