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Profile of the Day: John Hunter

On this day in 1728, Scottish surgeon John Hunter was born. Known as the “Father of Scientific Surgery,” Hunter’s pioneering work led to many remarkable insights in medicine.

Image: John Hunter / National Library of Wales, Wikimedia Commons

Hunter was born on February 13, 1728 in Long Calderwood, East Kilbride, Scotland. The youngest of 10 children, Hunter had little formal education. In 1748, he traveled to London to work as a dissection assistant to his brother, William, a famed teacher of anatomy and obstetrician. For 11 years, Hunter studied under his brother and became an expert of the human anatomy.

After working as an army surgeon, Hunter set his interests on dentistry. He worked with James Spence, a prominent dentist, to conduct tooth transplants. Later, he began his own private practice and in 1776, was appointed surgeon to King George III.

An early advocate of careful observation and experimentation, Hunter’s methodological approach to surgery made him one of the most distinguished and successful surgeons of his time.

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