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RootsTech Connect: What It Is and How You Can Participate

Every year, genealogists, family history enthusiasts, and industry-leading companies come together for the largest genealogy conference in the world—RootsTech. It’s truly a genealogist’s dream, with multiple days packed with hundreds of classes, thousands of participants, exciting events, and opportunities to connect with family past and present. 

This year, RootsTech looks a little different. To make RootsTech a safe and accessible experience for as many people as possible, RootsTech will go fully online and will be called RootsTech Connect.

Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on any of those amazing opportunities or immersive classes. It even comes with some major advantages! For one thing, RootsTech Connect will be completely free. You read that right—free. And as a fully online conference, RootsTech Connect also makes it possible for the first time to fully participate from anywhere in the world. 

Let’s take a closer look at what RootsTech Connect has to offer and what you can expect if you attend.

What to Expect at RootsTech Connect

Tyler Stahle, RootsTech marketing manager, has said about the online conference:

“RootsTech Connect is different than any other virtual event—no boring speakers or falling asleep at your computer screen. Rather, enjoy dozens of inspirational learning sessions, uplifting messages from celebrity keynote speakers, and hands-on activities to help you celebrate your heritage all year long.”

RootsTech Connect is aiming to make this year’s classes, speakers, and activities as engaging and interactive as possible. Here’s everything you need to know.

When Is RootsTech Connect?

RootsTech Connect will take place on February 25–27, 2021. A full schedule of classes, speakers, and events will be available in coming months.

The fun doesn’t stop there. After the conference, all videos and recordings will be available online for at least a year at

RootsTech Connect: A Multicultural Celebration

To celebrate worldwide cultures and family heritage, RootsTech Connect is also offering activities from around the world, such as cooking demonstrations, yoga, dance, and music. Attendees can submit videos sharing aspects of their lives, such as their hometowns, family traditions, cultural celebrations, or dances. It will be a unique way to honor homelands, people, and ancestors from all over.

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Speakers and Classes

This year’s keynote speakers will join RootsTech Connect from all over the globe, delivering inspirational keynote addresses in their native languages. Stay tuned to learn about each of the speakers and their areas of expertise.

Over 150 classes will be available from experts worldwide. You’ll be able to dive in and learn about anything from DNA and research, to preserving family memories, to sharing your heritage. Ever want to learn about family traditions in Argentina? There will be content for that too, and much more! 

One major benefit to having RootsTech online is that it opens doors to having content available in multiple languages. Vlasses will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. Hoping to see more languages on that list? As the event gets closer, more languages might be added, so keep an eye out for new information.

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What Else Can You Look Forward To?

The Salt Lake City RootsTech events have had a huge showroom filled with vendors and products that can help you on your family history journey. This year, you’ll have access to a virtual marketplace where you can find ground-breaking innovations and resources to help you in your research. Plus, you’ll have the same access to experts and help with chat rooms and video calls.

You’ll also be able to connect with other attendees through messaging, social media, and video chats. Finding and connecting with cousins and relatives will be possible, just like at any other RootsTech event.

Prior to the event, RootsTech Connect will also host a song-writing competition. Submit a song you’ve written about family connections, and winners will be highlighted during the conference.

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How to Participate in RootsTech Connect

Participating in RootsTech is easier than ever with RootsTech Connect. All you need to do to participate is register with your name, email address, and location. That’s it!

Once you have registered, you can attend all the classes, speakers, and activities offered during the conference on February 25–27, 2021. Join in from the comfort of your own home at And once the conference is over, you’ll have full access to all the recordings for the following year!

Source: Family Search

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