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TEDMED: How We’re Building the World’s Largest Family Tree

MyHeritage’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Yaniv Erlich, recently gave a talk at TEDMED to share what he and his team have discovered analyzing data from Geni’s World Family Tree as well as other exciting developments in the world of biomedical research and genealogy.


In his talk, Dr. Erlich explains the fascinating patterns that have emerged from his work, including new insights into the last couple of centuries of marriage and migration in Europe and North America, and the role of genes in longevity. His groundbreaking research was published early last year in the prestigious journal, Science. 

Research Based on Geni’s World Family Tree Featured in Prestigious Journal Science

For fun, he also shares that Alexander Hamilton and Kevin Bacon are related!

Watch Dr. Erlich’s talk at TEDMED to learn more about the immense potential of biomedical research and the many insights we can gain from genealogy research:


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