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Tell Us Your Ancestors’ Military Stories for a Chance to Win!

This month, in honor of Remembrance Day in the U.K. and Veteran’s Day in the U.S, we’d like to help celebrate the heroic service men and women in your families.

We invite you to share the stories of your ancestors who served in the military for a chance to win a MyHeritage Complete plan! Starting today, November 5th through November 30th, send us a story, photo, or military record about a relative who fought for their country. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtag #MyMilitaryHeritage. You can also submit your story to Three lucky users will win a one-year MyHeritage Complete plan!

Photo Submissions

A picture says a thousand words and a photo can tell just as many stories. Ever since we launched MyHeritage In Color™ and the Photo Enhancer, we’ve received remarkable feedback on how the tools have helped users discover more information about their ancestors, and in particular to discover new details about their ancestors’ military service.

MyHeritage user Bart Van Eyck shared his extraordinary discovery with us.

“I had an old photo of my great-great-grandfather. In the photo, he was wearing an army uniform. My family knew he was a soldier during the First World War, but knew nothing about his time at the front…After coloring the photo, I discovered that my great-great-grandfather was not wearing a military uniform, but a prisoner of war uniform. I looked up further and discovered that he was taken prisoner of war during the First World War…Thank you for developing this tool.”

Dust off that family photo of an ancestor in uniform and use MyHeritage’s photo tools to colorize and enhance the images, and see if new details emerge that you may have overlooked when viewing the original photo.

Military Records

If you don’t have a photo, maybe you have an incredible story that was passed down to you? Maybe you found a marvelous historical record, or maybe you discovered a war medal or honor bestowed on your relative?

If you haven’t had the opportunity to find one yet, now is the perfect time. Our extensive military record collections consist of 683 collections and a combined 67 million records from all over the world. Our collections include draft, enlistment, and service records, pension records, and military awards.

Through military records, you can learn about the role your ancestors had in making history. These documents may contain information on where your ancestor served, what rank they rose to, and what they did during their service. Military records are also unique in that they may contain information on your ancestor’s appearance and physique — their height, eye color, and hair color, for example.

Story Submissions

Even if you don’t have a photo or military record, your ancestor’s story matters. You are welcome to submit the story as is, without any supplemental materials. Whatever way you choose to tell your ancestors’ stories is entirely up to you, and all story submissions will be considered. 

To enter, share the story on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #MyMilitaryHeritage and make sure to follow and tag our social channel. You can also submit your entry via email by sending it to

Instagram LIVE

On November 9th, join us for a special Instagram Live with Thomas MacEntee from Genealogy Bargains, where he’ll share more tips for searching military records as well as some of the amazing military story submissions we’ve received so far. We will also be announcing a bonus winner LIVE, so make sure to submit your entry as early as possible and join us by following the MyHeritage Instagram account.

In these challenging times, let us take comfort in the stories of our brave ancestors. May their acts of courage and resilience inspire us with hope for a better tomorrow.

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