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Try Deep Nostalgia™, an Amazing New Photo Feature From MyHeritage

Have you tried Deep Nostalgia™, MyHeritage’s amazing new photo feature? Deep Nostalgia™ brings your old family photos to life by animating the faces on any photo. This incredible feature has brought many to tears by producing a realistic depiction of how a person may have smiled and moved if they were captured on video.

The technology for animating photos was licensed from D-ID, which specializes in video reenactment using deep learning. MyHeritage has integrated this technology along with their photo enhancement tools to animate the faces of historical photos. The results are high-quality, realistic video footage that brings old photographs of your relatives to life.

Here’s a photograph that has been enhanced and colorized with MyHeritage In Color™:

Now see the extraordinary transformation once we used Deep Nostalgia™ to animate the faces in the photo:

Over 55 million animations have already been created and with each passing day, more and more are experiencing the thrill of seeing their ancestors’ faces come to life. Read the MyHeritage blog to see the enthusiastic responses and touching stories from the many people who have already used Deep Nostalgia™ to animate the photos of their loved ones.

Once you have used Deep Nostalgia™ to animate your photos, you can upload the files to Geni to share these amazing images with your family. Simply download the MP4 file and upload them as a video to your ancestors’ Geni profiles.

See these remarkable results yourself and animate your photographs with Deep Nostalgia™ today!

Try Deep Nostalgia™ now!


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