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Are You Related to a Signer of the Declaration of Independence?

Each year on July 4, the United States celebrates Independence Day in commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Drafted by Thomas Jefferson, the document declared the freedom and independence of the 13 American colonies from the rule of the British Empire’s King George III.

This year’s Independence Day celebration will look very different from years past, which is typically involves large family gatherings, barbecues, and fireworks. But just because celebrations will be smaller, it doesn’t mean you cannot still have some fun indoors by incorporating your passion for genealogy with your 4th of July celebrations.

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Thanks to Geni’s World Family Tree, you can see how you are related to each signer of the Declaration of Independence. A list of all 56 signatories can be found in the Signers of the Declaration of Independence genealogy project.

Discover how you’re related to John Hancock, the President of the Continental Congress and the first person to sign his name! According to legend, Hancock signed his name large and clear so King George III could read it without his spectacles.

Or see how you’re related to Benjamin Franklin, who was the oldest delegate to sign the document. Did you know the youngest to sign was 27-year-old Thomas Lynch from South Carolina?

Don’t forget, you can also have some fun exploring how each signer is related to each other. Simply click on the green pushpin to change the focus of the relationship path. Then go to the other profile and click the “How are they related?” button.

How to Find Other People’s Relationship Paths

You may have already known that John Adams and Samuel Adams were second cousins, but you may not be aware that John Adams was also related to John Hancock! They were fourth cousins once removed.

Explore the Signers of the Declaration of Independence project and share your new and exciting discoveries!

View the Signers of the Declaration of Independence Project


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