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Dakar Rally 2021: The Weekend Report

As the saying goes, there is no rest for the weary! The MyHeritage Team at the Dakar Rally 2021 is working very hard, with little time to rest, even over the weekend. The team has been keeping us updated as they go. 

Here is the weekend digest of how they’re doing in the 43rd edition of the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia: 

On Friday, all the competitors were very happy to hear of the organizers’ decision to shorten the stage from 488 to 347 km! The organizers made this change due to the fact that many of the teams had finished the previous day’s course well after midnight and were totally exhausted.

The day went well for the team. After a liaison of 260 km, they were prepared to start. 

While checking the tire pressure to prepare the tires for the day’s conditions (sandy tracks and dunes), they saw that they had one flat tire. This wasn’t a big problem, as they still had time to change the wheel with a new one from their service truck.

They raced the stage at a good pace, hitting speeds of even 120k/h at some points, crossing many many dunes, and seeing many other teams stuck in various places along the way. 

They found the way up to the finish line, crossing it at around 20:30 in 49th place, with huge smiles across their faces, and bursting with energy. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day!

Saturday was a day put to good use by the MyHeritage team. Everyone was able to get a much needed good and LONG night’s sleep the night before. Saturday was then spent reorganizing and fixing the SSV. 

On Sunday, The MyHeritage Team finished 47th out of 56, with a couple other teams pulling out of the race entirely throughout the day. 

They are now on their way back to the camp, where they will not be able to receive any help from their team overnight. 

We wish the team lots of luck as they continue their journey across the Arabian desert!

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