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MyHeritage Team at Dakar: The Race is On! 

We’re excited to bring you another update from the co-driver Charly Gotlib on the MyHeritage Team at the 2021 Dakar Rally: 

Monday was quite the day! We had a 374 km special stage which was very rocky. We also had no spare wheel to rely on, but all went well.

We got into a proper rhythm being careful not to puncture a tire. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful, especially during the last 20km of the stage. There were amazing canyons, rocks of all shapes and sizes, and much more… To top it off, for once we were able to finish the stage in daylight 😎

Tuesday was not our best day, or should I say not our best night! Everything was going pretty well during the day. We started the race along the shores of the Red Sea, over very stony tracks. We had to drive very carefully sometimes passing over trial zones at just 2-5 km/hr.

Once the sun went down and we still had about 150km to go, we started to slow down to a very slow pace. In the dark of the night, the navigation became increasingly difficult, especially in the hilly areas where every canyon leads somewhere else. 

You can get lost very easily, and we did, many times! But we did find our way eventually, and we got to the bivouac at midnight. 

Today will be another day and we can’t wait to start again!


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