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Our Quest for Connection

Welcome to Our Quest for Connection—a RootsTech experience designed for youth and young adults to connect with each other, relatives, friends and their ancestors!

Participation in Our Quest for Connection can happen in two ways—either during the live RootsTech Connect event or after the event is done.

During RootsTech Connect

To participate during RootsTech Connect, youth and young adults should visit sometime during February 25–27, 2021. There they will find a series of 10 challenges—each with a different theme—that they are invited to complete in a way that makes sense for their circumstances and schedule.


Each challenge has multiple ideas on how to participate. There is something for everyone—no matter their age, technology access, interests, etc. Participants can expect to find ideas like cooking a favorite family meal, reconnecting with an old friend, and recreating family photos.

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Throughout February 25–27, anyone who signs in with a FamilySearch account will be able to connect with other Our Quest for Connection participants in the chat to share their experiences. They will also be able to see how many relatives they have at RootsTech Connect by using the Relatives at RootsTech feature.

Social Media

Youth and young adults can share their experiences with completing challenges by publicly posting about them on social media using #QuestforConnection. Anyone who posts has a chance to be featured in the wrap-up broadcast on Saturday.


To conclude the Our Quest for Connection live event experience, there will be a wrap-up broadcast on February 27 at 1:00 p.m. MST on The wrap-up session will include Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, Brother Steven J. Lund, and Elder David A. Bednar.

After RootsTech Connect

For those who aren’t able to participate during February 25–27, all challenge content and the recording of the wrap-up will remain available for use afterward.

Parents and leaders are invited to use the challenges and wrap-up broadcast for youth activities, family home evenings, ward activities, or however they best see fit. The wrap-up video could be used as a kick-off message when inviting youth and young adults to participate in one or more of the available challenges, either on their own or as a class, quorum, or ward.

Challenge accepted? Let’s go!

Source: Family Search

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