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Update January 19, 2021—Phase 3 Reopening Updates

As the world recovers from the effects of the COVID-19 virus, some temples are moving into the third phase of the Church’s phased reopening process. Temples in phase 3 of reopening will be able to offer proxy ordinances on a limited basis. As temples enter phase 3, please be aware of the following:

  • You will need to make a reservation with the temple for specific ordinances before you go.
  • Because temple workers will be limited during phase 3, patrons are encouraged to invite family and friends who have current temple recommends to participate in the scheduled ordinances.
  • During phase 3, you will need to print your own family name cards before you go to the temple. No pre-printed cards will be available at the temple.  You can use Ordinances Ready to find these names, or you can select names from your reservations list.
  • Beginning in phase 3, the temple will no longer return cards when ordinances are completed.
  • You will receive a notification in that the ordinances have been completed and recorded.

Below are answers to common questions regarding this phase of reopening.

The kansas city temple

1. Why is the temple keeping my family name card after I complete an ordinance for an ancestor?

Leaving family name cards at the temple allows temple workers to ensure that ordinance work is not duplicated and that ordinances are recorded accurately. Also, you will not need to wait for cards after your temple visit.

2. Should I print a new family name card each time I visit the temple?

Yes. Remember that each reservation is only for a specific time and for one type of ordinance (baptism and confirmation, initiatory, endowment, or sealing). Before printing a card, select only the ordinances you will complete during your scheduled temple visit.

3. Can I perform more than one ordinance for an ancestor during the same visit?

Yes, if reservation times are available on the day you visit the temple, you can perform more than one ordinance. You will be allowed to schedule only one type of ordinance at a time, so you need to check the available times and plan accordingly. For example, you might choose an ancestor and then find a date to schedule baptism and confirmation ordinances at 8:00, initiatory at 9:00, and an endowment at 9:30 (see the example below).

a screenshot showing ordinances

You will use the same card throughout your visit. To ensure that all ordinances performed during your visit have been recorded properly, the card will remain in the temple after you complete the final ordinance you selected before printing. The completed ordinances list in will be your record of completed ordinances and will take the place of the completed paper card.

4. How will I know that an ordinance has been recorded?

If you submitted a family name or shared it with the temple, you will receive a notification on or in the Family Tree app (see the images below) when the ordinance has been recorded. You can also go to or use the Family Tree app to track the progress of ordinances completed for your ancestors.

A screenshot showing completed ordinances

More temples will be included in phase 3 as global and local situations permit. Keep an eye on the Church Newsroom page for announcements regarding temples in your area.

Source: Family Search

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