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View Completed Temple Ordinances with New FamilySearch Update

The new completed ordinances list makes it easier than ever to keep track of the temple ordinances you perform for your ancestors.

Your completed ordinances list shows the most recent 3,000 items of temple ordinances that you reserved and completed in the last 25 months, plus the current month. The list includes both the names you reserved and printed yourself and the names you shared with the temple.

The update provides a more efficient way to store, sort, and refer back to the ordinances you have performed, without using paper to do so.  However, if you a prefer a hard copy, you can also select and print a list of the completed ordinances.

screenshot of completed ordinances list on FamilySearch

Three Ways to See Your Completed Ordinances List

You can find your completed ordinances list in three ways:

  • On the FamilySearch website, click the Temple tab (viewable only if you are signed in), and select Completed in the drop-down menu.
screenshot of Temple tab drop-down menu
  • In the Family Tree mobile app, view the completed ordinances list under the Temple tab, found at the bottom of the screen, and then select Completed.
Mobile screenshot of Family Tree app, Temple tab
  • View completed ordinances in the temple notifications list. To view temple notifications, click the bell icon in the top right corner of the FamilySearch website, and sort by Temple.
Screenshot of Temple notifications

Simplified Temple Notifications

Temple notifications about completed ordinances are also simpler. Instead of naming the person and providing ordinance details in the message, notifications link to your completed ordinances list, where you can see and print details.

Temple notifications about completed ordinances now disappear after 7 days. Even after the notification expires, the completed ordinance information does not. It remains on your completed ordinances list.

Learn More

For more information about your completed ordinances list, see “How do I see and print my completed ordinances list?” (You must be signed in to to view this link.)

Source: Family Search

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