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Profile of the Day: Henry Knox

Did your ancestors fight in the American Revolutionary War? On this day in 1750, American Revolutionary War General Henry Knox was born.

Profile of the Day: Henry Knox

Image: Henry Knox / Wikimedia Commons

Knox was born in Boston, Massachusetts on July 25, 1750. To help support his family, he left school at the age of 9 and began working at a bookstore. He educated himself by reading the books in the store and eventually was able to open his own bookshop. However, once the American Revolutionary War began, Knox left to join the militia and then the Continental Army. After befriending George Washington, Knox quickly rose up the ranks to become the chief artillery officer of the Continental Army and frequently accompanied Washington on most of his campaigns. After the war, Knox served as Washington’s Secretary of War.

Knox died on October 25, 1806 at the age of 56 from an infection he received after swallowing a chicken bone three days before.

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